Links to Websites and Networking sites produced by some of our Regulars  

Gallimauphry and the Dog

Club regulars Rosie, Sue, Rachel and of course Cocoa the Chocolate Labrador are often seen at the Riverside, together they make up a band with the above name.
Rumour has it that a CD is on the way. To see and hear what they sound like visit

Steve Donnelly

Steve hails from Basingstoke but is still a regular visitor to the Riverside, he has played as an invited guest as well as just turning up unannounced, he always adds something special to an evening and is the author of the popular Eddies Song . 
To hear some of Steve's music click the following link

Steve Daniels:

Steve is long time regular at Folk at the Riverside, he has produced 2 CDs and can often be heard playing in the local music pubs and of course at the Riverside.

See and listen to Steve  by clicking  on the link below:

Steve Daniels at Myspace

Jaquie Daniels

Jaquie is also a long time regular at the Riverside, she also has produced CDs  and can be heard in various Clubs and venues around Southampton. Steve and Jaquie are both very proficient song smiths.

See and listen to Jaquie by clicking on the link below:

Jaquie Daniels at Myspace 

Sandi O'Donnel

Sandi is not only a singer and a local folk clubs regular she also an Artist which not many people know. She is often heard dueting with Jeff Henry or singing solo. 

To see some of Sandi's work click on the link below

Sandi O'Donnel at Myspace

More sites to come!

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