Folk at the Riverside

      Songs and Tunes Pub Session
Every Thursday from 8:00 pm until late
At the Junction Inn, St Denys,

Are you a Musician or a Singer? 

Perhaps you just enjoy live music?  

A pub session (seisiún in Irish Gaelic) refers to playing music and/or singing in the relaxed social setting of a local pub, in which the music-making is intermingled with the consumption of ale, stout, and beer and conversation. Performers sing and play songs and tunes from many sources, countries and traditions. A number of regulars sometimes perform some of there own tunes and songs.

( Thanks Wikipedia)

 The session  starts from  8:30 pm to give quieter singers and players a chance to perform. We have a 10 min Break between 9:30 to 10 pm after which we encourage the performance of well known chorus songs and session tunes giving everyone a chance to join in. Raffle tickets are on sale to all during the Break.

The Food in the break is provided courtesy of the management of the Junction Inn

English Tune Session: Once a month on a Tuesday, Check the Diary and Events page for more Information.

Folk at the Riverside has no membership,  Just turn up! and if you like it subscribe to the mailing lists. Its all free! Except the raffle.

Folk at the Riverside now has a Facebook Page, Click this link to see it! 

Folk at the Riverside Contacts:

Rachel Livingstone : Compere for most evenings!  Rachel does a sterling job making sure everyone who wants to play or sing has their chance! 

Tel: 02380671068


Nick (Raffles) Clothier:  Nick as his name suggests does the Raffle and the financial stuff.

Tel: 02380551667


Robbie Wilson:

Website, Mailing List, Marketing and Promotion. Occasional Compere. 

Tel: 02380671068



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